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Update from 10.0 to 10.0.6



I just recently installed Toast 10 Titanium and learned of the 10.0.6 Updater.

I followed the links to download the software, renamed the old version of Toast 10 and

dragged the folder from the mounted updater to applications. Once there, I select

the Toast icon to launch the updated 10.0.6 Toast, and it acts as if it is a new application

from a new install. I have to re-enter the serial number, but it will not work. I have tried

to completely remove the previous version, tried downloading it several times and re-installing

(the updated 10.0.6 version) it.

Each time it does the same thing. It acts as if the pass code is incorrect, as I guess it is.

If i reinstall the previous version, all seems to work fine.


What should I do?

Is there a charge for a new serial to unlock the updater?

Is it because I need to update to version 10.0.4 before I update to 10.0.6?

Do I really need the 10.0.6 update at all?

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You should be able to use your existing CDkey with the update. Ensure you are entering exactly as provided. If you are still experiencing problems, submit a ticket to the Roxio Support. As far as if you need it, not necessary if things are working as expected although the update has some issues addressed. Check the history.

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My only fear is, since a friend gave me this app ( he did not want it anymore)

It will show up as being registered to a different person.


And do you know if your friend actually purchased the product? Sounds like the product is from illegit source. If yes, you will probably have to stick with the version that functions.

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