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problems trying to burn a music CD

Archbishop George Michael


New Here!


Burning a 45 min picture slideshow, it burns through MyDVD and it just stops at 51%.


Any ideas at what this means and why it stops like this? Please help me!



I've had similar problems trying to burn a music CD. I burned 2 that came out great (sort of) and I went to burn a third. All my projects are recreations of projects I made in the Roxio Easy Creator 3 I had with my first computer. When I went to burn this new CD, it only burned about 45 min of the music and not the full 70. When I called Tech Support I got the run around. The techs didn't know the features I was talking about and never got back to me with answers. On another phone call, the guy wouldn't answer my questions. He tells me that the files are too big, when I asked him where I look to tell that the files are too big he tells me to look at the bottom of the screen where the time chart is but says I can't rely on the time chart. Well then why look there??? Then he tells me to look at the upper left side where it tells me the discs....which it says only 1. Then he tell me to highlight the list and right click and open the properties but there isn't such an option. Then he tells me to drag the list to my desktop, putting them into a new folder and check the properties there for the size...but they won't drag to the folder. He then tells me to convert the file....after 6 times asking and him not answering what to convert the files to he tells me MP3 files. But I tell him they already are MP3 files so now what....and he just repeats "you need to convert the files." I then ask, "I'm OK using 2 discs if I have to but where does it tell me where the program is going to stop recording on one disk and want another so I can determine if I want to have the break there or how do I burn the remaining tracks another disk when I find out that they will not all go on one disk?" He tells me that I doesn't I would have to burn it to find out.


As an experiment, I copied all the music files to another computer that had Roxio Easy Creator 6 on it and rebuilt the project there. I then went to burn it and it pulled all 67 tracks, burned all 100% and put it all on one disk. So that tells me that it is not the size of the files that are the issue.


I have been dealing with tech Support for almost 30 days. I have 2 days left to decide to get a refund and start all over or to ride this through and get it to work.....the editing features on 2010 are fantastic and I do love that part of the program but it is no value if I can't burn the discs! I can't seem to find anyone to talk to to answer all my questions or to make them aware of the problems I am finding. It's pretty strange that when you start to describe something to the tech support person and he has no clue what feature you are talking about because his screen isn't showing what your screen is showing. All I can do is think back to the line of John Adams from the play 1776, "IS ANYBODY THERE????? DOES ANYBODY CARE?????? DOES ANYBODY SEE WHAT I SEE????????"

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Since you want to burn an Audio CD, I'm going to give you a quick answer. The mp3 files may not be compatible with a new standard (bit rate or other). Open Sound Editor, add the files and then export them as wav files. Use those to burn the audio CD using "Create Audio Disc Projects".


I don't know why it works in an old program but doesn't work here. The important thing is to get your music files burned to a CD. By the way, don't use cheap CD like store brands. Some of the problems may be related to cheap media.


Yes, I remember when he said that live ! B)

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