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Font encoding in DVDit pro (Central/Eastern European code page)




sorry for being persistive: some time ago I raised the question on font encoding without having it solved. I am really interested in that, so here it comes again:


I am trying to use Central/Eastern European fonts (code pages 8859-2 or MS 1250) in DVDit pro menue texts without success. I checked - the proper characters exist in the (most basic,e.g. Arial) ttf fonts I am trying to use. Usually, there is a menue choice which encoding one is trying to use, but not in DVDit. I know that most of you do not have that problem, but for me it is a serious disadvantage, forcing me to search for other DVD authoring SW, although I am very much satisfied with DVDit.


Does anybody have any ideas for solutions or work-arounds?


Thanks in advance,




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Hi Matjaz,


There is no obvious default way of doing this within DVDIt but if you use Character Map (a standard Windows Accessory) you can double click on each character in the string you want to type until you get the whole word at the bottom, highlight the word and hit Copy (or press <CTRL>/C then switch back to DVDIt, click on the "T"ext button, place the cursor where you want the text to be and paste (<CTRL>/V).


If you tick the Advanced View in Character Map you can select the specific encoding.


Hope this helps.


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Hello RoBeBo Photographers,


many thanks; it worked. I did not come to this idea. It is even easier, I can type the complete text in any editor (e.g., MS Word), since this is my default encoding, and copy/paste it to DVDit. The work-around is not critical, since for editing the menues you do not need to type novels.


Thanks again.

Cheers, Matjaz

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