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"Please insert a blank CD-R" message



I am having a problem getting SOME of the functions to work in Roxio CD Creator 10 special edition on my Dell Inspiron 530 (with it's original CD Drive). I can burn an audio disk from wav files without a problem, but when trying to burn a disk through the Sound Editor, Music Disk Creator, or even from an image, the program keeps prompting for a blank CD-R disk, even though I tried multiple blank disks. I finally had to create a CD2 image, then go back to CD Creator 9 to actually burn the disk (which was successful).


Any ideas on why these functions of Version 10 don't work, while others do, and which do work on the Version 9 package?


My wife says to just return the package to the store, but I'd like to be able to use the features of this new version (without resorting to Version 9 to burn the image).

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Problem solved. Tried the suggestion to try upgrading the computer firmware. Didn't expect that would fix this problem, but it did (also fixed a couple another annoying problems in the process).


Still don't understand why Version 9 worked while Version 10 didn't, but no longer a problem.




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