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TV music capture



Can I hook the television directly to my computer so I can record stereo music played on the TV, or do I have to record it on my VCR first and then use ROXIO CREATOR SPECIAL EDITION 2010 to burn the CD’s.

What does the hook up look like? I have an older analog, picture tube TV, with some different colored connecting sites in the back. The TV is connected to a Verizon FIOS non HD converter box.


Thanks for your answers in advance.

I do not know how to reply to responses to my question.

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In either case, you will have to connect your TV Audio Out (RCA - White + Red) to the Computer Audio in (generally stereo). Roxio Creator 2010 SE is incorporated with a Video capture device is not not useful, for audio only purpose. Ensure you have necessary recording port configured - Stereo Mix. Then use "Capture audio from sound card" under Audio/Music tab to capture the audio.

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