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Can Creator 2010 capture a webinar?



Does Creator 2010 have the ability to capture a webinar as it being presented? Basically, I need to know if Creator 2010 can capture live Web content and, if so, can anyone please provide links to more information or tutorials on the process?


Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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How long is the webinar and where is it available? What format?


Yes, you can capture some on-line programming but it may be copyrighted or otherwise not available.


You would use Copy and Convert to capture the video.


See this blurb.


Quote " Capture streaming web videos from popular sites like YouTube and save them on your PC. Convert them to play on your iPhone, iPod, and other portable device. Even create video compilations on DVD. "


Sorry firenhancer, I started to type this before I saw you post.

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