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Render to blu ray takes many hours


I have a 4 years old power pc quad core G5 with 6gig of ram. I have been able to burn my hdv materials to bluray via Final cut express convert to .mov. Then I move the .mov into toast and render to blu ray. I use MP4 format. For some reason, MP2 renders much quicker, but very jerky video no matter what I do. The problem is it will literally take 35 hours to render a 2 hour blu ray dvd. Is this normal? Some of my friends have a quad core pc with pinnacles studio 12, and claims that it takes about 10 hours (overnight) to render a 2 hour blu ray video.

I am wondering if I upgrade to the new intel macs, would the rendering time be more in line with my friend's pc? Can anyone who is burning blu ray with the intel mac verify to me how long it take for toast to render a 2 hour blu ray disc? Thank you very much.

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Yep, it take a really long time. I'm doing an hour long of 2 mov's on my MacBook Pro 2.4ghz (w/4GB of RAM) via mpeg 4/AVC and it takes around 2 days. Make sure you're doing a disk image not burning to disk. And after the 2 days, you often find problems that you have to fix and then wait another 2 days for!

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