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Roxio's Process For Making An Avchd Disc.



This is my interpretation of Roxio’s recommended process for creating AVCHD files (movies) and burning them to standard DVDs for viewing on Blu-ray Players.

sknis helped me post this topic with the images.


March 2010




The following details the process that Roxio recommends for burning movies and slide shows in a High Def AVCHD format onto standard DVDs. The resulting DVD production can only be viewed on a Blu-Ray DVD player.


I've been in a six month dialog with Roxio and during that time I've tried numerous procedures that they have recommended without success. The process detailed below was provided to me on 1/23/10 by Roxio. I have successfully completed a slide show consisting of 180 digital pictures with music. The output is a high quality show.

I'm hopeful that others will try this and provide this thread with their observations. The following is prescriptive – don’t skip steps.


Open VideoWave and create your slide show and/or movie with transitions, music, and etc.


post-58-025824100 1287141095.jpg


Once you’ve completed your production, select the settings below. Note that I selected the Desktop for the place to save the file for ease of locating it. However you can save the file (movie) to a location of your choice.


post-58-005697400 1287141510.jpg


The program will render the production as an “mp4” file and save it to your selected location.


post-58-038356800 1287141519.jpg


After the file has been created Close VideoWave and then open it again! Now select “Create a new production”


post-58-068957800 1287141526.jpg


Now select “Add Photo/Video and open the production which you’ve just completed and saved. Importantly it will be an mp4 file (look in the black bar for your created mp4 video)


post-58-023426500 1287141535.jpg


Now transfer the file (movie) from VideoWave to MyDVD for creation of the DVD.


post-58-043352500 1287141543.jpg


When MyDVD opens select the “AVCHD” button and wait. Your transferred production will open


post-58-055610900 1287141552.jpg


Go to “Project Settings” and select “Same as Original.” Importantly note that the file output cannot be larger than the capacity of the standard DVD (Note: About 40 minutes of video on a AVCHD is max.).


post-58-049295700 1287141562.jpg


Now create your title page, select your button(s) etc. Once this process is complete, select “Burn Project to Disc…” and proceed to burn the AVCHD file to a standard DVD.


post-58-013359000 1287141573.jpg

Once you’ve completed the burn there should be two files on the DVD. Following is a screen shot of the disc image and the properties of the BDMV folder that is burned.


post-58-051357300 1287141584.jpg

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If you are working with an mp4 file to start with:


Note: As an alternate to reopening Video Wave to add the mp4 file and then going to Create DVD from there, you could also open Created DVD and add the mp4 file directly.

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