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ROXIO, BLACKBERRY - Windows Installer


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Having spent about 10+ hours working on the problem of the sudden appearance of an endless loop windows installer situation. A problem well represented on these forums. I've tried many of the solutions people have used to no avail. After massive uninstalling everything Blackberry, Roxio, Sonic - a pox on all your houses. I cleaned out the resistry by hand - no results.

What did work, was reinstalling Blackberry desktop, first without media manager. That did not work. Removing that, and installing the version with media manager, did work. At least for the last hour, the first in a week and a half.


I believe the problem is mostly Roxio's - really amateurish programming, leaving old files around, adding new versions without removing out. Blackberry probably does this too, but I haven't documented it as with Roxio. I believe all this became a nonlinear complexity problem, especially when new programs probably were written with drivers that would work in a 64 bit windows environment, and old ones would not. Result - chaos!


I hope this is clear, and helpful to others, and certainly would discuss it further with anyone who wished it. I'm sure that won't include the corporate corruption of these two companies - just look at the mass marked amateurish interfaces they use - and suspect symptom of programming for me, now. Corporate greed is and will throw our country over the Abyss.



Frank B. Finkelstein, M.D.

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