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Problem Trying To burn CDs

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I don't know why this is happening, but whenever I would try to burn a CD from "windows media player" window I get a message that says "The Easy CD Creator burning engine was not found on your system. Would you like to download and install it?". This didn't used to happen a few weeks ago before school let out. I did try choosing the choice of downloading and installing the burning engine, but when I did it brought up a window that gave me the choice to upgrade to Easy Media Creator 8, but I don't know what I had in the first place and I don't have enough money to pay for any upgrades or anything like that. If the infomation is needed I have a windows98 computer. If this is an easily solved problem that I was just to dumb to figure out by myself, than I apologize for my lack of knowledge and the waste of time to anyone who replies. Either way the help is appreciated. :)

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You haven't said which version of Windows Media Player you have, or when you added it to your system, but it must be a fairly recent one if it has CD burning abilities.


Easy CD Creator 4 is not compatible with versions of WMP which have CD burning plugins installed. The reason for this is that WMP uses a slightly different version of the Adaptec CD burning engine from the one used by ECDC4.


This would not normally be a problem except that the two versions are so close they use some of the same filenames and registry keys with different versions and contents. That causes a catastrophic muddle.


Pick an application you want to use for burning CDs, (ECDC4 or WMP, but not both) and use only that application. You may find it impossible to sort the muddle and get your application of choice going again, but your best chance probably lies with:

(1) uninstalling both applications if possible

(2) running the Roxizap uninstaller to clean out broken fragments

(3) reinstalling the one you want to use.


Good luck.

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