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I love Creator 6

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I have used this software since before it was Roxio, I think it was Adaptec back then. I have paid full retail price for several versions of it. In my opinion, Roxio Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 is by far and away the best version they ever made. I use later versions I own for burning discs, etc, because I figure that they do better, cleaner, and more advanced burns, etc, but 6 is what I keep going back to for CDRs.


Label Creator 6 is nearly perfect and does exactly what I want, just the way I want it done (why is it so hard to left-justify the song number and title, and right-justify the time, did they just forget?) although I would always like more and better background graphics. And why doesn't each new version include all the graphics choices from the previous versions?


Sound Editor 6 seems exactly logical and straightforward (except why shouldn't the "Zoom In" button zoom in to the CURSOR instead of whatever happens to be in the center of the screen at the time?) and the visual simplicity makes it intuitive and fast.


It is very irritating to me that CDRs that I have created in 6 will not have recognizable song titles in 8, for example. How ridiculous is that?


Video, DVDRs, and editing is another issue entirely. I have a camera that shoots .MOV files and editing, converting, and burning them is excruciating and insane, so I am not even going there, in this thread. Why is it so hard to simply visually chop out a piece of a video stream like taking a piece of a song?


Obviously, I am a guy who is not interested in advanced features and "bells and whistles" but loves logic and simplicity. I use XP, updating everything religiously, and not being able to continue with Roxio 6 is one impediment to my upgrading to Windows 7, if you can believe it. (and by the way, I use Audacity exclusively for most tasks involving recording and editing, except when I am in a hurry, because Roxio 6 is so dramatically faster)


The other option path is making the jump to Linux (Ubuntu latest version) and it would make me very happy if I could take Label Creator 6 and Sound Editor 6 with me.


My question is, how much longer will I be able to use Roxio 6, in either a Windows (7) environment or a Linux (Ubuntu 9.1) environment?




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