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Donnie Loeffler

error with T8 while using FLAC


Hey ,


I thought I would try one last effort before scrapping Toast 8 for this app. I'm trying to burn and convert from FLAC to audio CDR with T8. I upgraded the latest version and have a legit copy of Toast 8. I can play the audio from the FLAC source disc but with some drop outs occassionally, but I can't seem to simply burn a audio CDR from FLAC to play on a conventional CD player i.e. redbook standard.


I simply drag and drop the FLAC source disc into the audio "hopper" of the program, eject the source disc and insert a blank CDR to burn. However, when I do drag and drop the FLAC source files, I get a prompt stating the txt. ffp are "not supported". When I do start the burn I get:


disc failed prompt after a another prompt that says:


"Drive reported an error: Sense Key = Medium Error Sense Code = 0x02 No Seek Complete"


I thought Toast 8 would simply support FLAC ? I've been researching Apple's relationship with FLAC and it's all over the place with confusing info - so if anybody out there can help me that would be great




Donnie L.


any replies and or feedback are appreciated: THANKS

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