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CD Text ... Title & Song & Artist info for LP's



Is there a way to get any of this CD Text info burned to a CD when using Spin Doctor?


If I define each track I can type each song name in but will that show up on the CD?


Is there a way to get the Artist & Album names in there at all?



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When you export from Spin Doctor to Toast it transfers the track info with it. If you have the CD Text option turned on in Toast then that gets written to the audio CD. However, computers don't read CD Text so you'll only see that info when playing the CD on a car or home player that is equipped with CD Text display. You also can see it by inserting the CD in your Mac and selecting Disc Info in Toast.


If you want track names to appear when inserting the audio CD in your Mac you need to enter this info in iTunes. It then gets written to a database file on the hard drive. iTunes will automatically download the track names from the online CDDB if possible. If it is a custom CD you've created then you might try using the CD Text to CD Info Applescript from dougscripts.com to transfer the CD Text info to iTunes.


As for Artist & Album names, the best way to do this with Toast is to name your CD with the Artist Name followed by a dash followed by the album name. You'll see that is how Toast automatically does this when you drag a commercial audio CD into the Audio window.

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