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One last plea for help burning Blu Ray

Jay J.


I am starting with original footage shot with an XH-A1, captured with HDVsplit, edited with PPro CS4, and exported as elementary streams 1440X1080 MPEG-Blu Ray preset, high quality 29.97, NTSC, max render.


1 Main menu, 4 sub menus, 22 chapters (max 6 chapters per menu), 2 hour duration SINGLE asset

No motion menus

1 First play 15 second FBI warning image with end action set to Main menu.

Elementary streams


CBR @ 20000

M frames @ 3

N frames @ 12 (NTSC) (tried 18 & 15 N Frames too)



Various media brands tried


Tried writing volumes, image and direct to disc


Rebuilt the entire project from scratch every time I try a new output.


Used imgburn to burn volumes and image


I get all the way through the process but the disc will not play and I tried it in several Blu Ray players at home, friends and even at Best Buy. The disc seems to be reading in the players, the timer on the player begins but the TV screen remains black until finally the player gives up and goes to STOP. The player at best buy says "disc not formatted". I can play the disc with Cyberlink Power DVD in the same drive it was burned in, but NO other computer will play it either. The guy at best buy said "seems your disc isn't closed" The "open dvd" box is NOT checked.


Same elementary streams burned to successful blu ray disc through Encore CS4. I want to use DVDit. The workflow is much easier for me so please don't say, "Well then, just use Encore" That's not the answer I'm looking for.


What setting am I missing in DVDit Pro HD????? You folks are doing this successfully and I am not. There must be a simple reason I am failing time after time. I'm using version 6.3 I didn't want to upgrade to 6.4 since I read on here that the "disc image" burn option is removed.


To you experts out there, Please help this DVDit Pro HD rookie burn a blu ray.






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when you view the contents of the resulting BD-R, do you see a "BDMV and Certificate" folder and nothing else?


When I wrote the project as an image I saw a BDMV, Certificate, AND AACS folders.


Same project written as a volume. I see just a BDMV, Certificate folder.


Let me ask something else, with this single video clip project, must there be a playlist? I have nothing in the playlist since it is 1 movie.

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there is no need for a playlist


but if using a menu, be sure the menu encoding is set the same as the movie file you added, if the movie file is 25fps interlaced, be sure you set menu encoding to 25fps interlaced, the default of DVDit is set to 24p (progressive)


as long as the disk contains a BDMV and Certificate folder and nothing else, it should work


if you burn with Nero9 Burning Rom, it will not work unless you set the UDF type to 2.5 instead of the default of automatic


I use Nero9 Burning Rom for burning because it lets me burn to all 4 BD burners at the same time


whereas with DVDit Pro you can only burn one disk at a time

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Hours on the phone with Roxio, no joy. Countless different exports to try different stream, No joy. Researching on the web for a month, no joy. Downloaded the little tiny PS3 patch, and PRESTO, JOY at last!!!


Now I ask, Why didn't support at Roxio even suggest this? Hmmmmm.

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I wish I could explain. I was not able to burn any Blu ray that would play in any BR player. As a last ditch effort to save this software, I downloaded that Monte_Carlo_object.dll file that is supposed to be the PS3 patch. I placed it in the directory as instructed, rebooted, and BAM. All Blu ray projects burn successfully, even those projects I had saved from 6 weeks ago. I do not have a PS3 nor have I ever tried to play any BR projects on a PS3. I have no idea why DVDit Pro HD is now working, but am quite happy that it is.



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