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Toast 5.1.2 on Macbook Pro? MacOS 10.5.8



Two things here... please read both! If you have insight on either one, I'd love to hear it.

Just a quick background-- I'm a musician, and have done a lot of recording and CD projects for myself and other musicians. iTunes really isn't designed for my needs, so please don't suggest I just burn audio CDs in iTunes! Thanks.


PART 1: I have an old iMac DV400, for which I bought the Que!Fire external burner. Loved it. Still works. Came with Toast 4.1.2, which was a little clumsy at first but I was able to use it. I bought Toast 5 (w/ Jam 5) later, and LOVED the way Jam worked w/ creating audio CDs (pauses, crossfades, trimming, the awesome "disc / track preview" function etc.)

However... I now have a Macbook Pro, and would like to use that software on it. I can't seem to get it to run. I can't find the original CD, but still have both Toast (v. 5.1.2) and Jam working on the old iMac. Any suggestions? I don't want to have to fire up the old iMac and juggle files to it every time I want to create a master CD.


PART 2: Back then, I worked w/ Jam 5 a lot to produce a whole bunch of "master CD" files (unfortunately in .sd2f format) that I am now going back through... I can't find any software for my Macbook Pro that will work with these properly. It appears that they REQUIRE Toast 5 to open them up and break them out into single tracks to create an audio CD. When I try to use other burn programs to create a disc, they burn the sd2f file as one big track to an audio CD. No good! I've looked at a few freeware options... I'd rather just use Toast! (but... see part 1 above!) Anyone know of anything other than a new version of Toast that can handle these? Does the new v. of Toast even handle these properly anymore?




Dan Costello

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I recently had a discussion with a Jam 5 user in the Jam forum. You should check it out. I have Jam 6 so I can't tell you much about Jam 5's capability on your MacBook Pro. Jam 6 is working for me on mine but the trick is that I copied the existing installed copy from my older Mac to the newer one rather than try to run the installer. It may be that the Jam 5 installer won't work, but a set up copy from the older Mac may launch okay. You'll want to copy over the Jam files from the preferences folder as well.


The .sd2f files should be readable with Toast 8 or later as those versions of Toast took the place of Jam. When I open a .sd2f file in Toast 10 it recognizes the crossfades and the zero-second gaps. Toast has some additional audio tweaking tools.


If you buy Toast as a download from Roxio there is a 30-day refund policy in case it doesn't meet your needs. So if you can't get Jam 5 working on your new Mac, give Toast 10 a run.

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