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type of disc and adding text to each photo in slideshow made in VideoWave



Hi, I have EMC8 and all the udates to the program and windowx XP SP2 home edition. I was able to create a slide show in VideoWave and it finally worked but I used a DVD-R disc so I can't edit it anymore. What I wanted to do was add text to each slide explaining the photo, how do I do this and should I use a DVD-WR?






Athlon 1.8 GHZ

1.0 GB RAM

80 GB HD

Windows XP SP2 home edition

ATI Radeon AGP card with 256 DDR ram

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Just open the Videowave project and add the text. Youc an then burn another disc. The only way you can edit somethign you burn on DVD RW is if you choose a DVD VR project. Personally, I've never tried it. If you still have the Videowave project and the original files, it is much better to edit that.

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I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but it sounds like you made a production in Videowave and then burned it to a DVD-R disc. (Did you you use MyDVD to burn your production ?) Now you want to edit it and add some text to the production. If that's the case, and assuming you saved your Videowave Production, just go back and edit it in Videowave. Just click on the line on the left side of the screen that says "Add Text Effect" and then drag down the font or text you want into that particular slide (In Story board view).


You can edit also in MyDVD (Version 7 was called DVD Builder) but as yet I am not that familar with editing in that program.



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