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Can't play burned MP3 files on CD-R (Packet Written)


I burned about 450MB of MP3 onto CD-R that I cannot playback on my optical drives. I am using Sonic Record Now. The disc drive says to insert a disk into the drive. I know I burned the MP3 a couple of years ago. On the Sonic program I can click on the home icon tab and underneath the utilities section (erase disc, finalize disc and GET DRIVE AND DISC INFORMATION. The disc information shows me that I have 01 - Data Track Mode1 , Length 471.5MB(241405), which indicates that I do have data burned on the disk.


Is the disc not finalized? The disc label is described as a DLA Disc under the drive name at the top of the Sonic program. When I try to finalize the disk (assuming that is the problem, I get "Please insert an appendable write-once DVD data disc or an appendable CD data disc.

After hitting ok, it closes and then repeats the same process. Help, I have 1+ years of daily Podcasts that I cannot access now.

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Packet writing is a system used for short-term storage. They aren't "appendable", so can't be 'finalized' the way an appendable disc is.


Packet-written discs often can't be read on a system other than the one they were made on, and sometimes can't be read even on that system if it has been changed or updated.


Your best bet would be to download a program like CDRoller or Isobuster, from the sites of the same names. The programs can scan a packet-written disc and should be able to recover most of your files. They have a trial version which will show you what they can recover, but you're required to buy the program to actually recover your files.


Good luck.

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