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Help with Roxio that came bundled ?


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i have roxio on my pc (came bundled). it comes up as "digital media le". after backing up my data (or putting any data on my dvd). it says my disc has been successfully created, but then when i close it, i get 3 errors:

1. the instruction at "0x0035b530" referenced memory at "0x35d3cae8". the memory could not be "written". click on OK to terminate the program.

2. the inst............at "0x00000020" ........... at "0x00000020". the mem.........not be "read". .............

3.runtime error

program: ....ommon Files\Sonic Shared\Sonic Central\Main\Mediahub.exe


- pure virtual function call


my dvd appears to have the data on it. in add/remove programs, it says that the program hasn't been used for over 2 years?????

now i don't know if my data is ok or if there is a problem. hate to find out when i need to use the backed up data and find out it is corrupted.


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