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Roxio 2010 Pro and Win 7 Shut down Issues



I recently installed Roxio 2010 Pro in my Win 7 64 bit OS - the installation was successful. However, shortly after that install, my computer would not shut down properly - it would log off, start to shut down and just continue to attempt to shut down until the BSoD appeared with a Driver_Power_State_Failure and then attempt to reboot. I could not find any real answers, so by accident I came upon the Reliability chart in Win 7 and I saw that my reliability performance dropped off dramtically during the time period right after the Roxio install (about 2 weeks ago). So I decided to uninstall the Roxio software and now I have a normal shut down event. Also during the time I had Roxio installed, I found that if I had my printer (Epson R1900) and scanner (Epson perfection 4490 photo) turned off when I started my computer, when I attempted to use them by turning them on, they would not be recognized as a ready state only as offline - that issue also went away after the Roxio uninstall.


Not sure what the problems or issues are - but I have a $100+ program I want to use but am afraid to reinstall until I better understand the problems.


Any help, comments or guidance will be appreciated.


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Check for an update to your system drivers. There was a bug in the nForce drivers that caused shuitdown problems in Windows 7 and that required new drivers from nVidia.


Update ALL your drivers including the Epson ones (W7 also had a problem with those)

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