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Easy Creator 5 and AVG


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I have an OEM version of Easy Creator 5 ( on my Gateway laptop.

OS is Windows XP Professional.


I am getting the same balking from AVG as are/(were) the other writers.


I am willing to try a Roxio patch, if one exists, but since I am not using the package, I really want to uninstall it. But I don't have the CD.


Is there any way to safely uninstall without the CD? Or will Roxio provide an uninstall routine for me?


Many thanks.

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There's no patch (the program is seven versions behind current and is also a cut-down OEM version)


Your problem lies with AVG giving a false positive (which it seems to be doing with a lot of things from a quick browse on the net)


Use install/uninstall programs and that should take it out

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