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Converting Video to .avi format



I've really got two questions -


1. Is there any way to buy movies already in .avi format?


2. If not, is there any legal/just way to convert movies into .avi format?


I bought what I thought was a DVD player. It is a Sungale Digital photo frame. I bought it from QVC and they marketed as a movie player. But, they obviously meant movies from a camera card.


Anyway, since I have Roxio Creator 2010 (though I am not all that famaliar with it), I was wondering if there is any way to make this photo frame what I want it to be? I know my son has an MP3 player that has a little movie card that came with it. It was a Disney movie. Are movies sold in this format alot? Okay, so that was the third question.


Thanks for any help.

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I'm not very familiar with these frames except for one or two I've played with but I was under the assumption that though some take USB thumb drives, most take cards and of those, some only take certain size cards. Movies are large and require lots of space but some avi files (divx and xvid) compress video making them smaller to use on portable devices. You will need to check with Sungale to see what limitations and requirements are for your exact frame.

But, the line between making copies of your purchased movies is grey and lots of discussion about them. Some read the law one way, some another. Seems to me they say yes and no.

The bottom line is, Roxio cannot do anything with copy protected video.

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