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Importing Family DVD movie


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When I try to import a DVD family movie into VideoWave, it only plays as long as the DVD remains in the drive. As soon as I eject it, the import movie does no long play in VideoWave. Is this normal?



You will have to explain exactly what you are doing. Importing a video has nothing to do with playing the DVD video. Of course the video from a DVD will stop playing if you eject the DVD :rolleyes:


Also, what do you mean by DVD family movie. Is it a DVD that you created yourself or is it a commercial DVD.


Please, specify what software you are using. Videowave tells us nothing since VW has been around for 7 or so years with all sorts of version numbers. It is only part of of program suite which is what you should be specifying as well.

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Okay, let me start over.


I have a "mini" DVD that was burned with a camcorder that I would like to import into VideoWave so that I can edit it . . . cut here . . . paste there, etc., etc.. Then I would like to send to MyDVD to finalize and burn.


Is this possible, and if so, how might I go about it?


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