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where are stored states stored ?


Having a few problems with back on track 3 that came with a Hp Compaq Mini 311.

BOT3 was generating scheduled saved states & eating up hard drive space. Contacted Roxio support when it was using over 30Gb, but they are no help at all.

Have now uninstalled BOT3, but system still seems to have wasted space.

Does anyone know where BOT stores saved states ?

What form or file types are they ?

How can I delete them ?

Are there any other files BOT3 generates that would be using up space ?


Many thanks

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Do a search for .rbc files (projects lists) and also look for a folder named the same as your computer is named.So if your computer's name is Office look for a folder called that.


I just did a file backup to my external hard drive and the files were in a folder named like that.

You can also delete any .rfi files you find.Those are index files for the folders you'll find.

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I know it's been a while since this was posted but if you're still looking here try this.


Go to Disc Cleanup which is a part of Windows,at least in XP and Vista,I'm not sure about Win7.

One of the choices you can make for cleaning files is BOT Saved States.

I see this with BOT installed,not sure if you'll see it with it uninstalled.

If you do just let Disc Cleanup get rid of them for you.


I saved one and it was 138Mb used space.

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