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Anyone attempt TIVO Tranfer .mp4 files on iPAD?



Has anyone tried using the .MP4 files created using TIVO Transfer on an iPAD yet? The iPAD supports 720p 1024x768 and I was just wondering how the TIVO transfers look on an iPAD since (I believe) that TIVO only allows exporting at a much lower resolution (480x360 as limited by TIVO). I hope to get my iPAD in about 3 weeks and I see many other posts on other products that are having issues of one sort or another... just wondering how the TIVO Transfer files look. I assume that I'd still use the export setting for "iphone/ipod itouch". Thanks in advance.

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I'm also interested in what iPad users discover. My sense is the AppleTV export setting should be the most compatible for highest quality on the iPad.

I am currently viewing TiVo shows on the Ipad...

I use the appleTV export setting and it works great! The quality is excellent!

Now, if somebody can point me to where I LEARN how to trim commercials using Toast 10 Edit feature, I'd be in heaven.... Well, grateful at least! Thanks

EDIT:Okay, trial and error figured it out and

YES. it (now?) does limit it to 480 X 360 because of TiVo's limitation. BUT.. it still looks good wide screen on a Ipad

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