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jittery picture while recording



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I seem to be having the same issue. I am trying to record from my VHS and the preview screen shows that the audio and either ahead of the video or behind the video. My computer is new and I have plenty of recording space on it. What can I do to get it to match up? I have a video from my 2003 DCI finals that I am trying to save and when I play the video back from my hard drive... the audio speeds up with the video or it will slow down with the video. What needs to be done about this? Also, when recording from my DVR I noticed the same would happen with one show, then when I recorded a different show, everything matched up perfectly... what is going on here?

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i just purchased easy vhs to dvd and the display picture jumps while recording but the sound is ok-why



What does the captured video look like? The preview picture is usually not indicative of the captured video. I assume you are capturing to a file on your hard drive and later burning to DVD.


Jumpy video is also indicative of a system not being able to keep up with the workload.


You have not supplied much information to actually offer any answer other then generalities.



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