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Insert powerpoint slides into MyDVD project




I have produced several productions with Roxio MyDVD. However, I inserted photos, transtions and audios, but have not yet inserted 'slides' or 'slide shows'.


I have several INDIVIDUAL text slides, that are animated, that I created in Adobe Powerpoint.


Can I 'insert' and/or drag and drop the individual slides into individual panels on the MyDvd project?


Will the animations created in Powerpoint work properly?


Do I need to 'convert' ppt. BEFORE I save it, insert it into my project/production? If so, how do I do that?


If I can't 'drag and dro'" as ai can with my photos, do I need to "import" and, if so, what's the best way to do this.


Sorry for all the questions, but I'm closing in on an important production and would really like to include my animated text slides.


Thanks for any help.



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You will not have any animations but you can add the images. There is software that will convert PPS to different formats, Google for them. I have not tried any so I can't do any recommendation.




Thank you.


I am currently googling them....

Hopefully, I'll find something for free that can convert for me.


Once I convert, can I go to "media selector" and then drag and drop the 'converted slide"?



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