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How to 'next'




Hello there,


I burned a DVD with a lot of different small video's on it.

Strangely enough, the way I did it, you couldn't push next and get the next small video.


To get some way of selection I burned it again but now with a menu.

It works better but not perfect.

If I push 'next' now I get the 'scene selection' menu, while I just want to have the next video when I push next.


Any help?



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Click the More button at the lower left of the Toast Video window. Click the Menus tab in the window that appears. Uncheck "Include Scene Menus."


Here's how Toast menus work. Toast automatically places up to 6 video titles per menu page unless you choose a lower number where it says "Number of buttons." When you are in a titles menu on the finished DVD clicking the arrow at the lower right advances to the next titles menu page. If you chose to include scene menus those appear after you click on an individual title. If clicking the arrow is advancing to different scene menu pages then you are not at the titles-level of your DVD menu. There is an arrow for returning to the titles level menu when you are in a scene menu or you can use a top-menu button on your remote control.


When preparing to burn your DVD choosing continuous play automatically starts playing the next title without returning to the top menu. The DVD will continuously play from the last title to the first title as well. Choosing Auto-play disc on insert tells the DVD player to start playing title one instead of showing the menu. The menu still is accessible by pressing the menu button on your remote control.

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