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Software Development for New Company?


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Not sure where to post this, so I'll try here first!


We're a new company and (as a previous user of Roxio's Toast) are currently looking for a custom DVD burning application for our product.

I'm hoping that Roxio may provide a service to customise their products for individual use (Company logo screen, counters etc).


Who would I talk to about this please?



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Hi Steve,


This is a help board populated mostly by software users rather than Roxio people. You need to speak with Roxio rather than us.


I think THIS PAGE might help you get to where you need to be. :)






Thanks for the link Brendon . . . strange that I just can't seem to find anyone who's interested in helping with this project (freelance OSX software designers). Not sure if this is an application specific problem (ie: difficult to get DVD to burn properly, quickly and with good results), or if it's just a case that no-ones available!


I'll check out the link and hopefully will get a favourable response from these fine people at Roxio.


(Just checked it out, and yes it's just what I need - many thanks!)



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