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Burning Blu-rays: audio & video off by milliseconds


I've been trying to make a Blu-ray of a 90 minute movie with PCM audio 16bit/48khz. Here's what the file has gone through.


Started off as a fully edited (in Final Cut Pro) HDV 1080i60 movie. So that Toast presents it correctly, in FCP I go to EXPORT then save as Apple ProRes (HQ) 1920x1080. The file is then a very large one that I import into Toast and I set the bit rate at 26 mbps-the max. All the way through, my video and audio match upon viewing in Quicktime. Then comes 2 days of encoding and then burning. I go to my Blu-ray player (a second generation one-somewhat "old") with the disk I made and audio and video do not match. They are off by 10 to 20 frames probably.


Now I've done a similar process with a 90 minute video, plus a few short videos (all under 2 hours together) and the disk played back fine. I've been trying to isolate the issue and I cannot figure it out. MAYBE-and I haven't tried this yet-I need to just take off the PCM audio and make it Dolby Digital 192??


This is wasting a lot of my time. I would LOVE some help with this. Some suggestions. Anything!

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They are off by 10 to 20 frames probably.

I can't offer much help, but I too suffered a gap. I had audio leading video by a stunning 7 seconds on a disk I burned from compressed H.264 and AAC source material. When I went to AIC video and PCM audio, I got perfect sync back.

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