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Toast 9 Compilation DVD Crashes HELP!



Trying to drag just two Video TS File Folders from a internal MacHD to the DVD Compilation Window to burn for a presentation tomorrow.


The Single Video TS will burn, to more than one CRASHES.. Any answers???


Running OS 10.6.3 Snow Leopard on Mac Pro 2x3 Intel Dual Quad Core Xeon with 8GB of Ram


Runs with Single TS but not more than one without a crash.. progress window does not even come up.


Thanks in Advance,





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Don't know why that is happening but I have a workaround to help you meet your deadline. Choose DVD video as the format in the video window and then access the titles you want from the VIDEO_TS folders using the Toast Media Browser. Choose DVD with the top button of the media browser. You should see a list in the browser window. Double-clicking on an item in the browser window will show individual titles contained in the VIDEO_TS folder. Drag what you want to the Video window.


You now will be having Toast author a new video DVD. Set up the menu the way you want and burn your disc (or save as disc image).

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