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My package for videowave 7 says you can change the background of your video and 'put people in places they never been to'. I can't find any info on how to do this and also can I do it to all video or only those captured via VW 7? Or was this just prettying up the package for quick sale? Even on-line sites advertising it or describing VW 7 say this but no instruction on how. Any help would be appreciated please

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Guest mlpasley

You're talking about ChromaKey where you film someone in front of a bluescreen (greenscreen, yellow screen, etc.) The background that you film the person against has to be a different color than the person and their clothes are.


You take the film of the place and put it on a storyline. Then you switch to the Timeline View and put the video of the person on the Overlay track.


Then you edit the Overlay track. One of the options in the drop down menu is ChromaKey. You find the color closest to the background and pick up the eyedropper filled with that color. Then you click on the background and it will disappear.


You should end up with the person in the different location.


Now I don't have the program open in front of me, so those might not be the exact steps, so please ask if you get stuck.

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