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Preventing Gaps and selecting my own recording speed



Questions please on Roxio Creator DE 10.1


How do I control the recording speed making it my choice per disk such as on an older version (6) where I could pick from various speeds 4x to 24 and where is the choice to make sure there are no gaps ever between songs when recording?


Thank you for your time


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Hi again:


Am surprised the ease of use has changed so much between an old version of Roxio (6) and


Roxio Creator DE 10.1. Could you please tell me if I wanted to rip a track or two from a CD and have it stay in the computer as an actual file (not a temp only usable as long as Roxio is open) how can I do this please?


Thank you,

Airplane Man

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Unfortunately, you have the DE (Dell) version of EMC 10. The full version only wrote in DAO mode (no gaps between tracks), but from what I've heard, the DE version, which is customized for Dell, according to their agreement with Roxio, does Track at Once recording. Make sure when you go to write the disc, if there is a checkbox for "Read Only Disc", that it is checked.


Of course, if there is silence as part of the music file, the program won't strip that off for you, so even burning in DAO mode can't "guarantee" no silence between tracks, the tracks have to be properly prepared.


As for the write speed, after you click the first "burn" button, another dialogue menu should come up, and on there, look for an "Advanced" option to open or expand. If it's available, then that is where you'll find the option for selecting the recording speed. Again, I'm not sure exactly what is available with the DE version, so you may not have that choice.


Hope that helps!

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