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Enhanced Audio CDs

real dean


In the old days we used to create Enhanced audio CDs by burning the Red Book volume first, leaving the session open, then adding the interactive volume(s) in the second session. In this way you could add the second session as a Custom Hybrid and arrange your Mac volume exactly how you wanted it. In later versions of Toast there is the 'no brainer' Enhanced Audio CD which 'does it all for you' but I don't like it at all.


1) You cannot control icon and window appearance on the Mac volume by using the 'Mac and PC' option in the UI. You can change background colours and some other aspects, but you cannot properly arrange the icons like you can on a Custom Hybrid to position icons (and hide others) out of sight of the initial window opening. Or am I missing something ?


2) Toast no longer seems to allow me to create these disc the old way. I CAN burn a Red Book volume and leave the session open, but when I try to add the Custom Hybrid mac and PC volumes, Toast refuses to burn onto the open session discs. This is in spite of Toast's 'Disc Info' menu item correctly reporting that the disc has a Red Book session and has XX amount of writeable space. So Toast KNOWS it can be written to, the UI says 'Disc Not Empty' when you insert it to burn the second session, but when you click burn (for the Custom Hybrid second session) it spits out the disc and says "Please insert a recordable disc" well duh.


3) It is my understanding the ISO volume in that second session should be burned as CD-ROM XA to meet spec, is Toast doing that automatically ?



4) More worryingly. When I Get info on the finished burn (via Toast's inbuilt Enhanced Audio option) Toast Reports that both sessions have been burned as TAO. Isn't this contrary to spec ? I'm concerned that when they hit Eclipse for glass mastering they will fail because they are not DAO.


5) MOST worryingly. When inserted into my WIN XP machine, Windows thinks the finished discs are blank ! I suspect this is something to do with the TAO issue ... ?



Can someone from Roxio's technical division please comment urgently on these issues on a point by point basis so I can asses what is going on, as I have to release this master for replication asap


Many thanks



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