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My OEM Doesn't Install



DO NOT UPGRADE or buy any more products from thus pathetic company! Look at how many others are complaining about Roxio. They suck, their products sucks, and their support is WORSE than AOL.

I made the mistake of assuming Creator 9 would work on Windows 7. It didn't so I uninstalled it. It put a Sonic Driver on my PC that is causing it to crash, similar to the HUNDREDS of other Vista users. I have emailed them over 9 times only to get replies that have nothing to do with the problem.


They are intentionally trying to force me to upgrade in order to make the driver work.


Please Google Roxio and on every website that sells Roxio, review it as it should be reviewed to warn others. It is our resposnibillity as software users to warn others about a company that cares less about quality and only about selling products until they run themselves out of business.

I know how you feel dont know about you but i got 2009 free with my kaperski anti virus I have tried on several occasions to put this on (mainly due to the fact that on right click it would try to reinstall ! )contacted roxio and after short assistance told to buy 2010 looked on the web for help and found revo uninstaller that after using roxio,s uninstaller found 21,000 registery entries!! and six system ini,s in relation to roxio ,contacted roxio again sent new information as to how to get rid of /prepare hard drive for installation of creator 2009 tried this several times and told it needs easy creator 10 first then rolls back

I have been around computers from the start installed many a program NEVER and i mean NEVER have i found a completly useless program as this

Just spent a day picking through all apps and files to get rid of everything to do with roxio,sonic,smartsound and emc

cannot believe such a product would be allowed on the market it is even putting me off kaperski !


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Strange - you are still rabbiting on aboput '21,000' Roxio entries in your registry (it doesn't even have one percent of those) but you are now claiming you got a 'free copy' with 'kasperski' (sic)


1: If you got a free copy with anything, it's an OEM version (cut down)

2: OEM sup[port is supplied by the OEM vendor

4: Sonic/Roxio are not affiliated with Kaspersky and there is NO Kaspersky version that anyone here has ever heard of

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