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Easy CD and DVd Burning (Red Box) XP, Vista, Windows 7



Hi there, a lot has been written on this.......in my case it gets to where it asks you to select a language and then you get a message from Windows stating that "it has run into a problem and it needs to shut down, sorry for the inconvenience" and do I want to send a report........then the process terminates and that is it....any suggestions?


Thank you all.

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Which version do you have? [Version number please]


What operating system are you trying to install it in?


Hi and thanks..the box doesn't say which version it is....I am using Windows XP SP3.


Thanks again.




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Well, that looks like it isn't making it through the installer.


I don't know if I'll be able to help you with the problem if it's in XP-SP3, but finding out which version you have is probably necessary before any of the others here can help you either.


Can you please have a look at the CD and packing material for any indication as to a Version or build number printed on it, and then put it in your drive and Open it under Windows Explorer.

-There should be a file called HISTORY.BLD in the root directory of the CD, and if you OPEN it in Notepad the first few lines should tell you what version it is.


Mine says





. . . and that tells me that it's version 9.0.554


Can you try that, please?



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Hi - I have that same version - haven't found a solution yet - need help with this before I spaz on the folks where I bought it. Anybody????????





Thank you for taking the time to help me with this....the file reads as follows;













CDGRAFT v3.00.46B


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