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How EXACTLY does Popcorn compression work?



So say I have a DVD that requires 1% reduction. How exactly does popcorn handle this? Does it spread that 1% reduction across the entire length of the program? If so, how good is that compression? Can it really be anywhere close to what the commercial DVD has done with pro hardware?


Or does popcorn reduce quality on just say 5 minutes of the program to make it fit, then leave the rest of it untouched?



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Popcorn requantizes the video encoding. I'm not sure what that technically means but it should be impossible to see any difference with a 1% requantization which involves a very slight reduction in the average MPEG 2 bit rate over the entire video.


One of the reasons it works so well is that commercial MPEG encoding is usually of such high quality that there is ample room for requantization without noticeable visual difference.


I hope that a more technically savvy person chimes in with a reply that enlightens both of us.

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