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Loading H264 TS Files On Video Wave



Are we supposed to be able to import H264 TS files into My DVD or Video Wave?? Caz I cannot.


I loaded them on Video Wave from its Media Selecter, and I could preview those videos, but when I import one, sometimes it takes a looong time. Video Wave says it's not responding, but if you wait, wait, and wait, it eventaully says that this file needs to be convereted to an editable format first. The next screen asks where you want the converted file to be saved, then it says "Error Building Graph" after you choose a directory.


I can play those files using Windows Media Player without an issue and Graph Stuio tells me that Sonic HD Demuxer, and Microsoft DTV-DVD audio and video decoder followed by just regular Direct Sound Device and Vide Render. I don't know why Video Wave cannot convert this file?


I "THINK" H264 was one of the codec types Roxio says you can import in their production description for Creator 2010......


Thank you.



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Thanks guys! Much appreciated. I have Windows 7 and the latest driver for my Radeon HD 4850. So perhaps the container thing. I captured from a component source using Total Media Extreme (ArcSoft). It is perhaps not compatible. :-)


You may want to Google for a video format converter like "Any Video Converter" and others. This one is free. I've used it successfully. Make sure you pay attention to it determining scenes or not. I prefer to determine my own.


I know this sounds strange but also try using software rendering when you are editing. It has helped me. In Edit Video-Advanced, go to the top menu, select tools, options and then put a dot next to software.

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