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CDSpindoctor file PROBLEMS



Using Spin Doctor, I imported a long audio tape (107 minutes) into Spin Doctor. Then I saved it. CDS saved it in some unknown format and while CDS will open and play the file, Toast will not.

Neither will iTunes nor any other audio program I can find.

Any ideas?

Also, it seemed to save the first half of the recording as an aif file that I later found. Why didn't it save it all? Is their some sort of time limit?


Thanks a million,


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After you mark your tracks (even if it is only one track) choose Save Track to Disc and it will be saved as an .aif file readable by any QuickTime playable application. You also can Send Track to Toast. I don't know if the version of CDSD included with Toast 9 has this, but my version also has a send to iTunes button near the top left of the CDSD window. In the Audio Capture tab of CDSD Preferences you can choose the format you want it to be converted to for iTunes. But you first have to mark one or more tracks.

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