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Burning Error



Hello -


I have used Easy Media Creater 10 LJ in the past and I have not had any problems. When I run it now, it works for the burning phase and then when it gets to the verify phase...it stops about 3.7GB though of the 4.2GB. The error reads:


Sense: 03 ASC: 11 ASCQ: 00 (Command 28)










I am running running Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 on my Sony Vaio Intel® Core2 Duo CPU T8100 @ 2.10Ghz 2.10Ghz. The drive that I am using is a Matshita DB-MLT UJ-225S ATA Device.


The hard drives that came standard were (2) 250GB ST3320820AS. I looked for a manufacture name and it reads (standard disk drive).


The Media I am using is Sony DVD+R 16X. I am not doing and HD projects, just standard definition.


I know you are probably going to need more information, but this is what thought you would need.

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That's an error reported by the drive to the computer and not a software error


Basically, the code you posted relates to an unrecoverable read error


Check your setup:

Primary and Secondary IDE Controllers are set to DMA and not PIO - (in device manager)


This is probably caused by your disc

Check it for blemishes and scratches towards the outer circumference.


It could possible also be caused by the drive itself (the laser or motor failing or stalling at the same point)


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Thank you for the troubleshoot.


The media I am using is all brand new and pristine so I can rule that out.


When I go into Device Manager, I select the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers and expand it to show (2) IDE Channel. The first IDE Channel when I look into properties and then Advanced Settings. I see that:


Channel Properties: Supported Devices 2



Target ID - 0

Device Type - ATAPI Cdrom

Current Mode - Ultra DMA Mode 4


Device Properties: Enable DMA is selected


So I believe I can rule this out as well. There is another IDE Controller, but no devices associated with it so it does not seem to be in use.


This leads me to the drive itself. It must be a problem with the laser, or hangup/delay. The drive can play anything back with no problem(CD, DVD, BluRay) and I never have a problem burning anything else or importing into iTunes. I have burned many video projects using this drive which use to work flawlessly. About the last 15 video projects I have attempted, the problem always arises at the verify phase at 3.7GB completed leaving the .5GB left to verify of the 4.2GB (the burning phase has no problems).


When I go to play/test the DVD, it will play back even with this error, It is just not perfect like it use to be. There are spots where it will hang up for a few seconds, but will generally proceed and continue to play. This will only happen 2 or 3 times throught the entire DVD. It generally happens in the very beginning of the DVD playback or at the very end. For some reason, I do not see this occur in the middle of the DVD playback.


After this added information do you recommend that I replace my cd/dvd drive?


Thank you again for all of you help and feedback. You have been very helpful!!

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