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Installation on Windows 7 from Download



I have purchased the download version of MyDVD 10 Premier. I have downloaded the three files required and have attempted to install the main application. It apparently fails and rolls back the changes. I can find the log files but they're not as intuitive as some are. The computer I'm running has an AMD Athlon X2 5600+ processor, 2GB RAM, and 500GB of disk space (of which 350+ are free), and an nvidia video card. I'm sure that the hardware I have should be sufficient to run the program. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit as the OS and it's as up to date as I can make it. All hardware drivers are updated and all seems to be running smooth....until now.


From looking at the website it seems that it is helpful to attach the installation log files to the post, but I don't want to take forum space if that's not necessary, but it's readily available should I need to. I also don't see a file upload link or anything like that and I've not used the ip.board forum software before.


Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Well it’s been quite a test of my technical prowess. Where do I begin? I was receiving a 2203 error during the installation process that seemed to point to the windows installer database. I tried to install the 4.5 installer but it indicated it was not made for my version of windows. The links on that page reference Windows XP, Vista, and Server 2003 so I was a bit puzzled. I found, I guess, that windows 7 uses the version 5 installer. Not able to find a downloadable copy of that, I started searching and found a couple of sites that referenced the 2203 error found in my logs. One site had pointed to several directories, most notably the C:\windows\installer and the C:\users\’username’\appdata\local\temp directories and their permissions. It seems that most people needed to add the “SYSTEM” account with full permissions to those directories to get any installer to work. Checked and all looked good. On a hunch I rechecked the permissions on the installer directory and found that it had the SYSTEM entry and the administrators group entry but there was no mention of my username. I would guess that since I’m a member of the administrators group that it would be sufficient, but I decided to add my username with full permissions to the folder and that cured the issue.


Under Windows 7 you have an unhide “Protected system files” in order to see it so that you can change the permissions on it.


And thanks to Sonic Boom for his assistance with interpreting the log files.


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