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DLA is causing a blue screen



I currently purchased a Western Digital external drive, which when I plug it in will always create the hated blue screen. :blink:


After contacting Western Digital for a driver or a suggestion for additional help, they informed me that:

"Your drive may be causing a blue screen error if you currently have Sonic DLA or any other DLA software currently installed. Any DLA software will cause issues with the Smartware virtual CD that will cause a Blue screen. You will need to remove this software before using the drive."


The software I have is RoxioCreator LE - Dell Edition 2.4.32a

PX Engine 3.4.46a

Roxio Record Now Audio v.2.0.4


In checking out all the programs I have, this is the only one that has DLA, I have disabled it through the Drive Properties Menu, but still in doubt that I haven't disabled the entire program.


The Programs menu has Roxio DLA listed separately.


1) If I do uninstall DLA only, will I still have a viable program?

2) What won't work any longer? Will the program become useless?


Thanks for any help you might offer. :)



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It is the Smartware virtual CD which interferes with DLA to cause the blue screen, not the other way around.


[1] If you uninstall DLA only the rest of your Creator DE should still keep working, as DLA is a separate writing system.

[2] DLA won't work after it is uninstalled. The rest should keep working.

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