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Red Book Audio CD...2-Second Pause At The Beginning?



i'm trying to burn a Red Book certified CDR for production. i want to set all in-between-song-pauses to 0, but doesn't the pause on track one have to be set 2-seconds? toast 9 seems to let me set it to 0 if i want, but i'm not sure if that's what i want to do. will it automatically insert the 2 second thing? what should i do?

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oh, and any general Redbook/Toast 9 tips would be greatly appreciated. i know i have to do DAO, and i should uncheck "Digital Preemphasis" and "Digital Copy Protection", right? should i bother with "CD-Text" or "Track 1 Start Offset"?

Toast won't let you actually burn the CD with less than a 2 second pause in the first track. If you set it to less than that it will alert you and change it at the time you burn the disc or choose Save as Disc Image.


The decision to include CD Text is up to you. I recommend it and then you should upload the CD Text info to the online CDDB. This step is done after burning and mounting the CD.


Burn your CD at the slowest possible setting. If possible, use an external high-quality CD burner such as from LaCie because they will allow slower CD burning on good media than does Apple's built-in drive.

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