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Full Color subpic object - forgot the settings - help



I'm just starting up DVDit Pro HD after, oh 4 or 5 years and forgot how to set up this feature.



I cant remember the trick to getting to use a full color image (say, a ball) as the identifier next to menu text objects, so the user knows which link is 'in focus' or 'Selected'.


In other words, you have a list of text buttons, but you want a full color ball to appear next to the text button that is in focus, instead of the text button subpic being used for a highlight color.


This is what I have so far...


1. A full color image button (ball) next to the text object.

2. create a new HLI (dotted line box) to place over, encompassing both items. (text and ball objects)

3. Make the 'ball' invisible, via the effects tab. (you have to move the larger HLI box out of the way first)

4. Link ball image to title

[this is where I get fuzzy on what is required]

5. HLI item is linked to the title as well?

6. Subpicture for ball image = NONE

7. Subpicture for new HLI box = NONE?




I cant get the full color ball to show up - only the highlight fill for the ball (outline, fill, rectangle outline, etc)



This was one of my favorite tricks, but cant remember the required steps.


Familiar to anyone?

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