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Audio discs



Hi everyone.


I am creating an audio disc from MP3 files. It burns sucessfully but when I come to play it in a cd player, it only plays for two seconds !!


All 20 odd tracks are on the CD and seem to be there fully as they come up as being say 3 mins 18 seconds or whatever. Could it be something to do with fade in/out timings?



Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




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Does it do the same thing if you play it on the Mac? I suggest trying again but this time when you click the burn button (after the blank disc is inserted and recognized) change the burn speed from Best to the slowest available speed. Then burn the disc to see if that works. Audio CDs should be burned at the slowest speed.

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Don't know if you have solved your problem yet but I just saw it.:


Why not just use iTunes to make audio CDs from MP3s? In Toast, are you burning DAO - you need to for audio CDs to play properly.


Also, it is old mythology to burn audio CDs at slowest spped. Modern burners and discs are optimized for hogher speeds so better results (Lower error rates) wil hapen around 16, 24, or even 32X burn speeds.


Best luck; report back if it is working or not.



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