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What have you done?


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So,with all the problems being tossed around, thought it might be nice to see what folks have done with their video editor after they get it running.


How about using this thread to post up links to short videos and slide shows, say two or three minutes at most, that you have made with Roxio and posted to the web.


Would that violate forum rules?



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Looking for any particular version's output?


No, not really, just thought it might be interesting to see what folks are coming up with.


Better than beating about YouTube, and we would know the stuff was created using Roxio.


Of course, that would be a plus, note the version of Roxio used to make the video with the link if you wanted?

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Nice - what kind of snake is the small one with the yellow strip? Guess he didn't stick around to see the rattler swallow the squirrel?


That was a ringneck snake. Those with the rattler eating were taken several hours apart. He went and found the others, a total of five, and then came back and took a few more shots, and that was all the progress he had made. It probably took that guy all day and half the night to finish consuming that squirrel.

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