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Can someone pls clarify once and for all : how to mount bin/cue image file for importing into iTunes?



Can someone pls clarify once and for all : how to mount bin/cue image file for importing into iTunes?


1. I used Toast 10 Titanium (not Pro) to save an audio (red book) CD into bin/cue/cdt files.


2. I tried to use the Toast Menu -> Utilities -> Mount Disc Image... and select the bin file created in step #1 above.


3. Expected results: audio cd mounted into OS X, such that it becomes available to iTunes for import...


However, instead I got an error popup, saying could not complete the last command because of a Mac OS Error. Result Code = 192.


4. Plan B: Open the cue file from the Image File screen, and click on Saves Disc Image button. I was prompted for the filename -- format was forced sd2f, when I really wanted is iso but no option to do that.


5. Plan B Step 2 : I tried to Mount Disc Image... on the resulting .sd2f file. No luck. Exactly the same 192 error!


6. Plan C : I mounted the cue file on a virtual CD drive on my Parallel Desktop. The audio CD appears in my XP VM. So far so good.


7. Plan C Step 2 : Opening iTunes, it detected the virtual audio CD... HOWEVER, no tracks name. Somehow the signature is differ enough such that iTunes/gracenotes couldn't get the track names.


8. Plan D : Installed Alcohol 52% in my XP VM, and load the cue file into its virtual CD from within my Parallels Desktop XP VM. This extra layer of virtual CD software is needless to say redundant, but guess what... THIS WORKS! The Alcohol virtual audio CD shows up perfectly fine under iTunes, all running in XP VM.


My question is: really? To mount a bin/cue file created by nothing else but Toast *itself* requires a side-trip to XP VM / Alcohol? Please tell me I am insane...

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