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I've got Roxio Creator 2010 Pro, and a WinTV HVR-950 Capture device......


Question, (Can I / How to) capture 1080p with Roxio Creator 2010 Pro?


Question, Since my WinTV HVR-950, only captures 720x480, What device I need to buy in order to capture 1080p?


.......my Playstation 3 will be my source to record from.

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You can try but I don't think you'll be successful. I have the HVR2250 which is similar to your device and haven't been able to get the analog side of it to work in Roxio. And, I know the digital side won't work as Roxio is not prepared to work with digital tuners at this time.

To try, just go to the Video tab of the Roxio Home screen and choose, 'Capture Video'. You will then see a screen which gives you drop downs to pick your settings.

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