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My Dvd Turns Digital Every 45 Sec Or So After Using Roxio



I own A Dance Studio and film the recital every year. I recorded the dances with Vhs camcorders (if you can still remember them) then would rent a VCR with a hard drive. I transferd my video and after every dance number I could stop it and add text and it would creat a chapters. I had no problems with my dvds playing. In the past 2 years I have been filming with a digital Sony camcorder. I started editing the shows and now when I play the back the turn digital every 45sec or so. I have tried on two different laptops and had the same issue. When I go from the comcorder to DVD it works fine. Its only when I go through the Roxio 2009 it has the problem.

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Well, I won't claim too much expertise here, but let's see if we can get started. First, I'm assuming that when you say it "turns digital" that you mean the image becomes all pixelated? (Colored blocks?)


What make/model is your camcorder, and what media does it record to, tape, mini-CD, flash memory, HD?


How are you getting your video onto your PC? If it's on mini-CD, HD or flash memory, you should be able to simply copy the video files onto your HD, and you should not be "capturing" the video through an external device. If it's on digital tape, you should be connecting your camera using a good FireWire cable.


The next thing I noticed is that you're using a couple of different laptops. It's not unusual for the video capabilities of laptops to fall short of the requirements for doing much video editing. What are your laptop's spec and what video chip do they have in them?


Also, you posted in the Creator 2009 forum, but you say, "Roxio 2009". There were two similarly named products, Easy Media Creator 9, and Creator 2009, verify for us which of those you're using, it sounds like probably Creator 2009, but let us know for sure.


Let us know!

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