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creating overlays



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Yes you can. Open Timeline, and click on the box to the left of the word Storyline. The box has a - on one side and a + on the other side. Now, make sure that the Overlay box has a check in it. Click ok.

Next, drag you photo down to the overlay track in Timeline. Once it is down there, right click on it, click on Edit, and you will see an editing box come up. Use the Zoom slider to size it the way you want, then use your mouse to drag it anywhere in the black box that you want. Click ok.

Next, double click on the black box in the top line of Timeline. This opens the internal track. Now, drag your next picture down to the overlay track, and adjust it as I explained in the last paragraph. Once you are done and have clicked ok, you will be back to the Timeline tracks again. Click on Done. (Arrow that points upwards). Save your project.

You won't be able to see the internal track picture, but it is there.

See if this helps.

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