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Add Menu To A Dvd



I usually make DVD copies of a clients non-copy protected DVD's they make to document contracting work. I have now been presented with a DVD that has no menus. It was made from a source player thru RCA outs to a separate DVD recorder. The recording is one long piece and what I would like to do is place markers throughout the file and then make a menu that references those markers. Is there a way that Toast lets me make a copy that has these features?





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Yes. Choose DVD video as the format in the Video window. Insert the source DVD and choose DVD with the top button of the Toast Media Browser. Double-click on what appears in the browser window to see the individual titles on the DVD. Your description indicates there will be only one title. Drag it from the Media Browser to the Video window (or select it and click the + button). When Toast is done extracting the video repeat the same thing as many times as you plan to have different titles. The additional extractions will happen very quickly.


Select the first title and click Edit. Then click Edit again in the window that appears. This launches the Toast Video Player/Editor. Scroll the movie to the point where you want the first segment to end. Note the time and location and click the double triangle at the bottom to set the marker. Drag the right half of the double triangle to the end of the video. Choose Save from the File menu and use Command+S from the keyboard. Close the Video Player window. Now select the second title in the Video window and click Edit and then click Edit again. Place the double triangle at the beginning of the movie and drag the right triangle to where you want the second segment to begin. Scroll using the triangle above the scroll bar to the place where you want the second segment to end and click the double triangle again to place a new marker. Drag the right triangle to the very end of the movie and save. Close the window. Now select the third title in the Video window and repeat as needed.


What you've done is told Toast to create multiple menu titles with each one being a different segment of the one video. If you want these to play one after the other without returning to the menu mark the box next to "play all items continuously." If you want the menu to appear between each segment uncheck that box. Be sure to name the individual titles the way you want and select an appropriate thumbnail image corresponding to the content in that title. You select the thumbnail image by clicking on the thumbnail. A scroll bar appears beneath the image. The scroll bar will go through the entire movie, not just the segment you selected for that title. So it's important to find a thumbnail image that is within that segment.


Choose Save as Disc Image if you want to preview the outcome before burning a disc. Select the disc image using the Image File setting in the Copy window. When the disc image is mounted it should launch DVD Player for your preview. Burn the DVD from the disc image in the Copy window.

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